I have many different aspects of my life I want to touch on with this experiment in going deeper. Rather than focusing on one for these writings, I’d will touch on each one cyclically. However, I will include a log at the end of each post to keep record of how I am doing with each aspect of the experiment. This will allow me to post updates on each but do a deeper dive into each aspect on a weekly basis.

With that, I should introduce each of the resolutions that are part of my experiment. They are as follows (in no particular order):

1. Expansion of Strength
* Go to the gym 3 days a week
* Walk my dog 5 days a week
* Yoga 1 day a week
* Reach 125 lbs? Not 100% needed, more important is…
* Concrete measures of strength – I still need to determine what this will be..
2. Expansion of Knowledge & Experience
* Read more philosophy
* Read more in general (finish 1-2 books per month)
* Practice piano twice a week
* Practice voice on my own at least once per week
3. Expansion of Awareness & Wellbeing
* Eat more consciously – slowly/smaller portions, more fruits & veggies
* Practice meditation – need to start this one 🙂
* Journal regularly (3 days a week)
* Write this once per week
4. Expansion of Relationships
* Become better about keeping in touch with my family – call my parents once a week, call my siblings each once every two weeks
* Work on building/maintaining friendships – not sure yet how to put this in practice
* Be more intentional in my relationship with my husband
** Be thoughtful in how and when we spend time together
** How we converse – approach all conversations with benefit of doubt and a loving demeanor

Man, that looks like a big list but each resolution is important to me and if I keep it to those 3-5 items in each category, I think I can do it. Or at least do better. This experiment will help me hold myself accountable and focus on becoming a better, happier version of myself.

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